What It Takes

The sidewalks around the gym are usually full of people running ad walking. They prefer to be outside and save the inside work for throwing around the iron. I noticed something today that impressed me.

Four women were walking, not too fast but faster than a stroll. All four were quite large. Just behind them was a fifth woman. She was running and soon passed the four large women. Number 5 was smaller, younger woman. She was light on her feet and obviously very fit.

I appreciate her long fitness work but I was most impressed by the four bigger women. Their walk was probably more taxing than the young woman’s run. They were fighting a battle and were winning. How easy for them to stay home. But they were out and were doing something for their health.

Don’t misunderstand, I respect the young fit woman. But these ladies were heroes for overcoming the tendency to stay put. They were working. They were not comparing themselves to anyone else. If they keep it up, they will succeed.¬† Will you?

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